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In memory of William F. Spivey (06/30/08)

William F. Spivey, affectionately known as “Billy” or “Papa,” knew the struggles of life and the rewards of achievement through hard work on the family farm. At the age of 17, he managed the family farm providing financial support and care for his family and younger siblings. Billy’s hard work, knowledge and care of the land provided the roots for a growing and striving family farm. Along with Frankie, his son, they worked together to create a family farm to be proud of — and loved to see a growing crop in the field!

Spivey Farms has received various awards over the years such as:

  • Farm Family of the year Award
  • Outstanding Conservation Achievements that protect our Resources
  • Outstanding Conservation Farm Family
  • Farm for the Future

Spivey Farms has been growing Silver King Sweet Corn for over 10 years. People from all over the country say that we have the “best sweet corn” and “the sweetest strawberries" that they "have ever tasted!”

Family tradition, perseverance, dedication and hard work carry on in the heart of Spivey Farms!